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Our Team

We, this is Stella, the owner of the ranch and Alberto and Olga, my 2 employees. Olga and Alberto have been working for me since February 2015 and also live on my property. Alberto is responsible for the feed of the animals, the pool and the garden. Olga is helping him and cleans my house and the guest houses. Both are very open minded and happy about new visitors, knowing that in their company, there is always something to laugh about. Olga is a very good cook and her tasty native meals are like a charm. And our Asado is already legendary!

Pferd in Paraguay
I emigrated to Paraguay in the year 2007. More or less alone. And without any knowledge of the language. During holidays, I found my ranch and immediately bought it. These are all things nobody should ever do.
So I had to learn to find my way around as a woman in a macho country; and I believe, this I have learned very well. Sometimes with being stubborn, sometimes with “I’m blond and a poor woman, please help me”. Both is working!

By now, I speak Spanish fluently and also give lessons. And you can profit from my experiences: emigrate the easy way and let me help you with our experience!

We’re looking forward having you as our guests and will gladly show you the different sides of Paraguay!





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