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What you can do

What you can do

Of course you can simply enjoy the tranquility and the nature without going in for anything.
But if you’re adventurous, we can offer the following:


Horseback riding:

Beginners in horseback riding can take their first steps on our big riding area (60x40m). And afterwards, it’s going on to the open of Paraguay…
We can offer everything from the Quarter Horse (from our own little breed) to the Criollo and Paint Arabian-Mix for you to choose from, completely up to your own liking and depending on your horseback riding abilities.
nice horses

At our site, you can fulfill your dreams of riding: beneath palms, along sand racing tracks, endless gallop tracks without any limitations and free from proscription. The Paraguayan is even happy when your horse does its duty in front of his property because it means he has the dung right in front of his house… And just like that, there’s a little chit-chat during the typical “Tereré”. That’s because the Paraguayan is very curious and hospitable.

In case you’re interested, there’s the posibility to visit one of the many Sortijeadas on Sunday: that’s where the riding folk meets to enjoy music and beer on Sunday… a festivity which you really have to see once! Or we take you to one of the horse races which are being held every 14 days nearby.


Horseback riding, approximately 1,5 – 2 hours: 100.000 Guarani
Learning how to ride, approximately 1 – 1,5 hours at the riding arena or the roundpen, respectively: 100.000 Guarani


To explore the area:

There are many great posibilities for a trip in our area:
Atyra, the leather city, is well known for beautiful, handmade leather work: belts, carpets, bags, Tereré- and Mate thermos flasks and a couple more things you can find there. Afterwards you can also visit Marianela, a beautiful former monastery.
Since 2011, the farmer’s market is taking place in San Bernardino every Saturday : there you can get German bread from different producers, German sausages, German beer and much more. Every first Sunday of the month, you can go to the flea market and sell something, as well as buy miscellaneous stuff. Countless restaurants complete the offering.
In Itagua you can watch old ladies create Ao poi shirts and tablecloths. These works are actually still done by hand and are most often very colorful. Of course it’s possible to let them fabricate something on demand.


Waterfalls of Iguazu

IguazuYou can visit the waterfalls of Iguazu, comfortably with a German/Spanish speaking driver or simply take the bus which drives directly at our place at the Ruta to Ciudad del Este. Depending on whether you prefer adventures or conveniently organized rides.

Prices and availability according to the arrangement.





With us you can learn Spanish or deepen your already existing knowledge: One hour costs 50.000 Guarani each person.
You can also learn how to drive a car with us: One hour costs 100.000 Guarani with your own vehicle. I have several years of practice as a driving instructor. I guarantee, I will teach you or your partner, also in Spanish or English if needed.
Or you book a trip with the ox barrow: one round trip takes approximately 2-3 hours and costs 100.000 Guarani (for 2 persons).
Of course we also pick you up from the airport in Asuncion for which we charge 250.000 Guarani. This is not applicable for a booking for at least 2 weeks at full price.


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